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DMFC Comprehensive Research Institute

Establish talents training system, creat ecological exchange of human resources. Application-oriented, gathering top talent in the field of DMFC, effectively promote high-tech industrialization and improve independent innovation capabilities, to apply to become a post-doctoral research station DMFC foundation, leading the development of the industry.

National Fuel Cell Testing Center&National Fuel Cell Engineering Technology Center

Actively promote the development and improvement of China DMFC standards, specifications, form the National Fuel Cell Testing Center and the National Fuel Cell Engineering Center, to assume responsibility for the industry and social responsibility, standardized operation of the fuel cell for the Chinese to contribute.

Zhangjiagang Base is the first map in the CAS&M industrialization layout. At present, the company's mass production model has passed acceptance and entered the procurement catalog of suppliers.

Dalian Base is adjacent to Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, closely following the trend of DMFC research, reserving technology, and broadening the market application field.

Shanghai Base has a well-equipped and commercial atmosphere with many elite talents at home and abroad.It's beneficial to take advantage of the Yangtze River Delta industrial cluster to radiate inland markets.

Chief Scientist

Sun Gongquan

Chinese Academy of Sciences Researcher

Key Laboratory of Fuel Cell and Composite Energy Sources

973 Program Chief Science

Chairman of CEEIA Fuel Cell Branch

Key perpon of China's DMFC Technical,CAS&M Chief Scientist

Prof. Sun Gongquan returned to China in 2001,has taken the lead in breaking the R&D difficulties of many core components and key materials which filled China's core technology gap in the DMFC industry.He also made numbers of technological achievements topped the international advanced level,was rated as "the world's most influential scientists "by Thomson Reuters.

Team Profile

The team currently has more than 50 members, including 5 researchers and 6 associate researchers. The team has successively undertaken more than 60 scientific research projects of the "973 Program" and "863 Program", published 227 SCI papers and obtained 280 invention patents. The team also participated in the formulation of national for fuel cells, representing the highest level of DMFC research in China.


Technological Innovation

Soul of the Product

CAS&M is committed to continuously improving DMFC battery innovation capabilities, based on a full range of product performance, longevity, cost, security, etc., to provide users with new energy solutions.